Our company is a full-service communication agency. We have considerable experience in managing a broad variety of Estonian major communication projects in a range of areas.

Corporate communication

  • Communication audits
  • Communication strategies and communication plans
  • Consulting on strategic communication
  • Consulting on daily tactical communication
  • Communicating with various target groups and stakeholders
  • Devising and implementing public relations projects

Media relations

  • Writing and editing press releases, articles and other media texts
  • Initiating proactive media coverage
  • Press conferences and media events
  • Media training events
  • Qualitative and quantitative media analyses
  • Attitude monitoring

Marketing communication and product-related PR

  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Preparation, editing and production of loyal customer newsletters, leaflets, photo and video materials and other marketing materials
  • Websites: content auditing; writing and editing texts for websites
  • Making presentations
  • Events for clients and partners
  • Communication activities to support marketing campaigns

Crisis communication

  • 24h preparedness for crisis communication
  • Crisis training including simulations
  • Crisis handbooks

Financial and investor relations

  • Strategic and tactical planning of investor relations
  • Preparation and editing of stock exchange announcements
  • Preparation, editing and publication of quarterly statements, annual statements and yearbooks
  • IPO and M&A communication

Internal communication

  • Consulting on internal communication
  • Internal communication audits
  • Employee satisfaction and motivation surveys
  • Information flow mapping
  • Content audits of internal newsletters, intranet systems and other internal communication channels
  • Content management for internal communication channels: text writing and editing

Socio-political public relations (lobby)

  • Decision-making analysis and monitoring
  • Message creation
  • Mapping of stakeholder groups
  • Achieving contact with stakeholder groups and disseminating information

Sponsorship and charity

  • Sponsor relationship management
  • Sponsorship audits
  • Sponsorship strategies
  • Development and implementation of sponsorship projects
  • Other communication activities to support sponsorship projects
  • Preparation, editing and publication of corporate social responsibility reports and environmental sustainability reports